Welcome to World kettlebell championship 2013 in Russia!

world-championship-2013-on-kettlebell-liftingWorld Championship 2013 on kettlebell lifting will be in Russia (in Tyumen’ city). Russian organizers already started to prepare everything for this competition.
Welcome to Russia! Our pesident said us to invite participants from more then 40 countries.
Organizers will do a free fligh from Moscow to Tyumen’.
Contact me for more information and for getting invitation for visa.

3 Responses to “Welcome to World kettlebell championship 2013 in Russia!”

  1. Alan Kirshbom Says:

    hello Valentine:
    How are you? Will you be coming back to the US/ I hope you are well. It would be very exciting to visit Russia. Please send information for visa. Thanks you

  2. Valentin Says:

    Hi Alan. Nice to hear form you… I’ll send you averything by e-mail.
    I hope to see you in Russia

  3. Yuri Petunov Says:

    To all participants from USA,
    Please contact me first before making any arrangement’s for this competition. Otherwise you may be disqualified.
    Health Factory is exclusive IUKL representative in USA, and we have a team. Please contact me if you have plans to go. We have special flights rates, and TEAM USA UNIFORM. But you have to be qualified first. Thank you very much.
    My contact information: healthfactoryusa@gmail.com. Cell +1-203-572-3959

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