Ventspils Atlants 2010

'Ventspils Atlants 2010' - Valentin EgorovLast weekend in Ventspils (Latvia) was held international tournament “Ventspils Atlants”. There were participants from different countries: Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Norway, Belgium, Belarussia, Ukraine.
I won 1 place in professional level among all weight categories (they counted result divided by body weight). I did jerk 83 and snatch 57+47. 135 in biathlon.

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  1. Marko Suomi Says:


  2. Valentin Says:

    Thank you, Marko

  3. Svetlana Says:


    It is a pity I couldn’t be there… Can you, please, tell more about the competition and maybe post some pictures? 😉

  4. Маттиа Says:

    поздравляю )))) ты силний человек

  5. Thierry Says:

    Nice victory, you’re great inspiration to light weight athletes!

  6. Cedric Says:

    First place was totally earned! 🙂

  7. Dave Says:

    Congratulations. Love the video.

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