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I offer online training, along with weekly email, chat and video conference correspondence, for Kettlebell lifting (Girevoy sport). Once we start your program, I will emphasize proper exercise techniques and well-planned training processes to ensure success. Your training will benefit from my experience and best tips and knowledge i have acquired from athletes and coaches involved in the sport. This is not one-size-fits-all! I will apply my basic principal of “the individual approach” to each and every student, who will all receive training plans and instructions and exercises tailored to your abilities, with careful and close monitoring and tracking of your technique and progress.

You may choose from one of the two offerings below to begin your training in Girevoy sport!

Training option 1

Will include written weekly training plan plus unlimited access to me through e-mail, chat and video conference

One month – $150
Three months – $400
Training option 2 (only for beginers and kettlebell fitness)

Will include written weekly training plan and chating or e-mail correspondence 2-3 times a week

One month – $100
Three months – $270
Online kettlebell class

Online class – non-stop online training with Ksenia Dedyukhina, Sergey Merkulin and Valentin Egorov

One training – $8

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Also you can invite me in your gym to do workshop or seminar. Fill free to ask me about this 😉