Kettlebell week in Poland

Two days ago I came back home from Poland. We with Global Kettlebell Institute did first course with certification and any workshops in different cities.
So… On our first course were 10 participants. 7 of them wanted to get certificate. This course was in Kleszcow in 2 days long. I showed them technique of classic exercises and different assistant exercises with kettlebells and with olympic bar. In end of second day we did certificated exam for 7 participants. For exam students had tests:
– rack position of jerk
– exercises: jerk, snatch, long cycle, swings, cleans
– teaching test.
After this course we did three short workshops in Wroslaw for polish military, in Kepno for polish police and in Lodz in fighter school.
Every day in end of our workshop I was showing demo set 3 minutes of jerk with 32 kg kettlebells.
It was great week. All participants of our events like it.
So who wants the next workshop with me? 😉


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