Finnish Championship of Kettlebell Lifting

Finnish championship of kettlebell lifting
This Saturday – August 29 was the first Championship of kettlebell lifting in Finland. This indicates a development of kettlebell lifting in Finland. The competition was with on the following rules:
– Men and women competed in the biathlon – push and jerk
– Women had two classes athletes: with kettlebells 12 kg and 16 kg
– For men was three classes athletes: with kettlebells 16 kg, 24 kg and 32 kg.
– For weight categories were divided only men who participated with kettlebells 24 kg. They had two categories: up to 85 kg and over 85 kg.
In the championship participated 16 men and 5 women. They was from 13 different cities. The best result of men with kettlebells 32 kg – 32 for jerk and 74 for snatch. The best result of women with a kettlebell 16 kg – 168 for jerk and 88 for snatch.
After this championship in Finland will be gathered a team to participate in the World Championship in Tallinn.

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