About me

Coach Valentin EgorovValentin Egorov – Russian kettlebell (girevoy sport) master of sport of world class (MSWC), World Champion 2012.
Weight category 63 kg. (60 kg before 2010).
Best results with 32 kg kettlebels:
Jerk: 93 reps in 10 min
Snatch: 130 reps in 10 min (left+right)
Valentin is a Russian athlete and coach of highest category, judge of all-russian category, IUKL certified judge. He has many students of different rank.
Valentin has experience in Girevoy Sport since 1996.
Valentin Egorov is a member of International Department of RGSF, chief editor of officiall RGSF magazine “Girevoy sport in Russia and in the World”

Valentin Egorov