250 Reps Per Workout :)

kettlebellToday I had interesting training. I did jerk 2×32 kg. I did 15 set 1,5 minutes each. Total 250 reps. The rest between set was 3 min. So my results by sets was: 15/16/16/16/16/16/17/17/17/17/17/17/17/18/18. It was not very hard but 250 reps per workout it’s very interesting :). Next time I’ll try to do 250 reps per 10 sets..
By the way, with me same training has two my students. One of them did jerk 2×32 kg 232 reps in 13 sets (his body weight 80 kg). Other guy (maybe you remember him – Roman Kozlov, 12 years old guy, 50 kg of body weight) did jerk 2×16 kg 231 in 9 sets…
I was funny training…

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  1. Jez Davis Says:

    I read this and tried the same workoout – with 16kg’s. I’m new to GS and, though I got through the workout fairly easily, it took me a couple of days before my body recovered. I liked how the workout showed up my areas of weakness, i.e. my lower back was very sore, my STRONGER right arm began to fail toward the end (I don’t think I was straightening it properly each time – laziness) and my upper thighs.

    The next workout I’m going to do is to go for a single timed set with the 16’s – I think your workout will have helped a lot.

    I hope to be able to afford to pay for your services as an online trainer soon, but in the meantime many thanks from a rank amateur from the UK and keep the workouts coming!

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