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Talking about kettlebell World Championship 2013

We hold all-russian tournament in Obninsk. More then 250 participants came there. 19 of them achieved master of sport rank. There we had a first experience of women long cycle in Russia. the best result is 76 reps (left+right) with 24 kg kettlebell.
We had a meeting of RGSA with RGSF President Igor Solodov. Main topic of this meeting was discussion about World Championship 2013. We published that all can compete there, but a lot of people disagree with it because they are official representatives of IUKL in their countries. And they have to bring official national team. That’s true but a lot of them never brought their team early. Only 2-3 countries have national championship and national team.
So our thing about participation in WC 2013: all official representatives have to tell us how and when they will find their team. It should be special open competition in every country. If they will not held such competition and they will not have a team them all participant from this county can compete in WC 2013. If you have on official IUKL representatives in your country then you can compete. And everybody can compete in amateur class (24 kg for men and 16 kg for women).
BUT we decided this only inside of RGSF. We have to confirm it with IUKL. Igor Solodov said he will discuss it with Imants Lochmels (IUKL President) and we will public official document.