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Welcome to World kettlebell championship 2013 in Russia!

world-championship-2013-on-kettlebell-liftingWorld Championship 2013 on kettlebell lifting will be in Russia (in Tyumen’ city). Russian organizers already started to prepare everything for this competition.
Welcome to Russia! Our pesident said us to invite participants from more then 40 countries.
Organizers will do a free fligh from Moscow to Tyumen’.
Contact me for more information and for getting invitation for visa.

Russian cup 2012…

I competed on Russian cup and repeated my personal best – 90 jerks. Before competition we had a judges seminar – it was first Russian judges seminar.
Korean guest KyuYeon Park came to our competition and seminar.
Also we decided to create kettlebell academy inside of RGSF, we’ll call it RGSA (Russian Girevoy Sport Academy). We designed new for of our certificates.
News about IUKL rules – the next year we will have no one of heavy weight classes. The last weight class will be “over 95”. The same rule will be in Russia.
Video of my jerk: