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Austin kettlebell seminar 2011

Austin rgsf seminar 2011

Today we finished first RGSF seminar in USA. We hold it in Austin (Texas) in Punch kettlebell gym. We had 12 participants. It was very useful days.
Last day we tested all of our participants. The best result was acheived by Surya Voinar Fowler (representative of Ice Chamber kettlebell club). Aslo Lisa Hensz and Henry Virgilio Marshall showed very good results.
Welcome to our seminars!

Our first DVD about KB training

RGSF DVD about kettlebell trainingWe finished making our first DVD about girevoy sport training. It’s a lot of information about classical exercises, techniques and traininng. You can get this DVD free when you are participating in our seminars. Or you can buy it from me.
Content of RGSF DVD:
1. The elements of the competitive exercises
2. Methods of teaching competitive girevoy sport exercises
3. Juggling
4. Methods of training
5. The choice of techniques according to anatomy and physiology pf athletes, his qualification, KB weight, KB lifting tempo
6. For main types of jerk
7. the best movies of the World Championship in NY, September 16-19, 2011