World Kettlebell Championship – Chicago 2009

World Kettlebell Championship - Chicago 2009 This year the World Kettlebell Championship was held August 29 in Chicago. This time it has not so many participants – 34 members. There were participants from Ukraine, Slovenia, Poland and of course from USA.
The competition was held in the classic biathlon and in the long cycle.
Participants could compete with different kettltbells. For men was available kettlebells 24, 28 and 32 kg. For women – 12, 16 and 20 kg.
Among men with 32 kg kettlebells, the best result in biathlon showed Andrew Durniat (his body weight 91 kg.): jerk 70, snatch 60 +60. Separately, I want to note a guest from Slovenia – Gregor Sobocan. His result with 32 kg: jerk 68 and snatch 48+48.
In a long cycle, the best score has Martin Farrell – his result 49 reps with own weight 70 kg.
Among women with kettlebells 20 kg. in biathlon best was Catherine Imes (body weight 76 kg) with the result: jerk 70/70 and snatch 50/50. In the women’s long cycle showed the best results Surya Voinar-Fowler – 60 reps of 20 kg kettlebell for each hand with her own weight 70 kg.

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  1. Mattia Says:

    good …there are very greats athlets…but how counting the snatch repetition??

  2. admin Says:

    result of snatch is the result of the least hand..

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