Welcome in Rybinsk in April 2011

rybinskWe have semi-final of Russian Championship in Rybinsk on April 12-14. I will be one of organizers and I want to invite many external perticipants. We will do especial nomination among external competitor.
Welcome in Rybinsk on April 12-15. You can see many great russian athlets and compete with them.
You can ask me more information if it’s interesting for you. Ofcourse I’ll help you with visa and with trasnslating russian 🙂
If you have any questions ask me over my Contact form or on Facebook

4 Responses to “Welcome in Rybinsk in April 2011”

  1. Маттиа Says:

    мы БУДЕМ!!!!!

  2. Valentin Says:

    Отлично! Ждем!

  3. Gregor Says:

    See you there!!!

  4. Thierry Says:

    OK! What disciplines? If I have enough money, I’ll be interested!

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