Ventspils Atlants

ventspils09Last weekend in the Latvian city Ventspils traditionally went over International competition of kettlebell liftingVENTSPILS ATLANTS“.
There were applied for 14 countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, France, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, USA and Ireland.
It was a “record of attendance” for the world kettlebell competition. Some countries (Ireland) do not have their own athletes but only official representatives. Total number of arrived participants was about 70 including 18 girls (girls and women).

On the first day boys and men (amateurs and masters) did jerk. In many weight categories there were a lot of good results, in many categories guys went abreast of each other showing attractive fight and professional results.
Besides there was a power juggling competition in pairs between breaks in kettlebell competition. Men and mixed pairs were presented here.

This competition is very popular among foreigners because this is the only world tournament with a separate class of amateurs working with 24-kg kettlebells. Motivation for athletes they do not have to compete with the masters and they will be able to identify the best athletes from the same level at the same time to get a medal this is the real proof of person’s expertise.

One of the best results had the guy from Slovenia – George, 27 years old, weight category up to 85 kg in the class of masters. He jerked 32kg kettlebells 82 times. Outstanding kettlebell lifters Edward Trusevich and Vasily Ginko marked this good result.

On the second day all 5 classes (girls, women, boys, men (amateurs) and men (masters)) competed the second exercise – snatch (with 12kg, 16kg, 16kg, 24kg and 32kg). Jugglers also competed in individual scoring.

But the main thing in these competitions was not participation but people from all over the world come together. They can share their experience, well-experienced athletes help beginners. Sometimes arises translation problem as far as not all can speak English. But then sign language comes to help and everything is clear for all 🙂

And of course, after long and hard day an evening comes, it is the time when all gather together at the one table and share experience, phone numbers, addresses, e-mails and t-shirts 🙂

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