The New Greatest Record of Jonny Benidze

jonny-benidzeJonny Benidze constantly surprises us with his records. He participates in competitions in the same weight class that me (w.c. up to 60 kg, from 2010 in Russia is the smallest w.c. is up to 63 kg.), but shows the results with which he could win in the category of 65 kg and 70 kg and 75 kg, and possibly 80 kg.
He started to show very good results in the age of 17, when he did jerk a 32-kilogram kettlebells more than 100 reps. His result does not stand still.
So recently he showed a new stunning record. At the European Championships, held IUKL, Jonny did jerk 130 reps and snatch 204 (102 +102), in weight class up to 63 kg. It’s greatest result of world kettlebell lifting!

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