Records of kettlebell lifting at different points of the Earth

onlinekettlebellcoach_ejovLast year, 62-year old athlete from Russia Anatoly Yezhov set records of kettlebell lifting (girevoy sport) in various locations around the world. He jerked, snatched, long cycle and pressed kettlebells 12 or 16 kg. He lifted kettlebells 1 minute or 3 minutes for each exercises.
Anatoly Yezhov – the first athlete in the world, competing with kettlebells and established world records in the geographic North Pole at the top of Elbrus, the Kilimanjaro, on the top of the volcano-Ngor Ngor and the South Pole (Antarctica). He have many records of “Record’s Book of Russia” and “Guinness World Records“.
Anatoly Yezhov – 4-times European champion and 10-times champion of Russia of kettlebell lifting among veterans.

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