Korean trip…

I had Korean trip again. This time I had more activities. The first task was seminar with girevoy sport beginners and training with Korean team for WC 2017. Korean team getting bigger and stronger every year.
IUKL vice-President Igor Solodov came to Seoul 3 days later then me. We with KFKL guys had meeting with TAFISA President – Mr. Ju Ho Chang. We had talking about World Championship 2017 (he will come to opening ceremony), about 25th TAFISA World Congress and about European Games. It was really interesting and useful meeting.
After that we were watching the competition venue for WC 2017 in Seoul Olympic Park, new special kettlebells for WC and new score boards.
BTW As you remember we were in Lausanna for SportAccord membership workshop. And I just received information that IUKL became member of GAISF. Congratulates to all kettlebell lifters!

Russian kettlebell cup 2017

A few days ago we had a Russian girevoy sport cup. It was held in Alushta city. This time RGSF changed rules of weight in. Athletes should be weighted in two hours before competing. Many people changed their bodyweight classes.
I still competed in my lovely category – 63 kg. I achieved 86 jerks and 124 snatches. I won second place (straight after Johnny Benidze). And! I won first place in snatch!
My student Nikolay Nesterenko won second place too. And another student Evgeny Zhukov achieved master of sport class.

SportAccord membership workshop 2017

Jenny Mann (IOC)SportAccordSportAccord membership workshop was held in Lausanne (Switzerland). We (me and IUKL vice-President Igor Solodov) took part of this event. We got a lot of useful information from them.
Personal meetings with sport federations were the second day of this workshop. We introduced them kettlebell sport, showed our presentation and told about all aspects of the work of IUKL.
International Olympic Committee representatives were there too. They like our sport and our meeting was very friendly.
I hope they will make a decision about IUKL membership very soon. It will be biggest step of the long way to Olympics!
*Left picture – me and Jenny Mann – head of sport partnership at International Olympic Committee.
International Olympic Committee, Lausanne

New medals 2017

I didn’t post anything here for a long time. I was worry they lost my posts for last two years…
I had a few events for the last 3 months. Two my students won silver medals of junior’s Russian championships. Then one of them – Nikolay Filippov – won first place of European junior’s championship in Daugavpils. I competed last month too. I won silver medal of semi-final of Russian Nationals. Final competitions will be 9-112 June in Tomsk city.
Also we have a lot of work around preparations for Worlds 2017 in Seoul. Regulations already was made. We awaiting for application forms from participants. We plan more then 40 countries will come to Seoul this year! Competitions will be hosted in Seoul Olympic Park!

GIREVIK-ONLINE – the new online kettlebell store

I finally run the International online store for kettlebell lifting. It is part of website www.girevik-online.ru
Weightlifting shoes, belts, t-shirts, cycling shorts, sport chalk, kettlebells and other things… All goods in this store made in Russia. Best quality from russian factories.
Permalink of the new online shop: www.girevik-online-shop.com
Enjoy equipment from professionals!

Seoul. Kettlebell seminar and Olympic Park

Seoul  - kettlebell sport seminar17-18th December we had one more Korean kettlebell seminar. More and more Korean people like to lift kettlebells. KFKL already started forming their team for the next year World Championship. They will be owners of those competition, they should prepare full team and try to achieve high place.
We also checked Olympic Park for WC 2017 – all rooms for judges and athletes, hotel and other things. It’s a best place for competition in a city. I hope it will be really great kettlebell event.
Girevoy sport seminar. Seoul 2016

Worlds 2016 in Kazakhstan

World kettlebell Championship 2016. AktobeWorld Kettlebell Championship was held 27-30 October in Aktobe city (Kazakhstan). I was secretary of this competition. A lot of athletes competed there. More then 30 countries were represented there. Our Russian team won team competition and most gold medals in individuals… I filmed many interesting lifters, you can find videos on GirevikOnline channel.
IUKL judges cometee confirmed me for the role of head judge WC 2017 (it will be hosted in Seoul – South Korean capital). We already discussed with KFKL (Korean federation of kettlebell lifting) many points of holding this great event.

World kettlebell Championship 2016. Aktobe

Russian Kettlebell Cup 2016

Russian Kettlebell cup 2016
Today (24th September) I competed on Russian Cup of Girevoy sport. I was in Alushta city of Russian autonomous Republic of Crimea. I achieved second place and silver medal. My numbers were 90 jerks (I used only 9 min 30 sec) and 127 snatches. I still have not bad result but I think it’s time to increase my numbers))) (I hope I’ll do it the next year).

Also two my students won bronze medals. It was good achievment for me too).
You can watch my shatch set here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVEMFAJl4KM

aaaaaa…. they lost lot of my posts….

They on hosting server lost my posts from June 2014 till September 2016 🙁 I’m really sad…
I still have pictures from all posts, I’ll add them here later…

Russian Kettlebell Championship 2014

Russian kettlebell championship 2014
Final of Russian Girevoy sport Championship was held June 2-6 in Kirov city. I won bronze medal in biathlone in 63 kg weight class. My result was 88 jerks and 126 snatches.
The second day of competition we had the RGSF meeting. We planned kettlebell events for 2015. Semifinal of russian championship and russian championship among universities will be holding in Rybinsk in April and in November 2015. Also we will hold RGSF judges seminar in Rybinsk, December 4-7, 2014 (we invite external participants too!).

New belts for kettlebell lifters

Weightlifting beltI’m glad to offer for you the new type of belts special for kettlebell lifters. The width of this belt is 12 cm. – it’s corresponding international rules. All sizes in stock every time! (6 sizes).
A lot of peaple in Russia tried such belts and they like them.
You can see more information in my shop.

International Festival of Kettlebell Sport

International Kettlebell Festival 2014 in Saint PetersburgInternational girevoy sport festival is holding in Saint Petersburg now. It includes the third stage of Grand Prix series, the third stage of World cup, European Championship. It’s 7 days of kettlebell competitions! Representatives of 28 countrises came to S-Petersburg. More then 350 partisipants.
I competed in stage of World Cup and won the first place. My biathlon result was 153,5 in 63 kg bodyweight class.

The second stage of World Cup 2014 in Chelyabinsk

Kettlebell World cup 2014, ChelyabinskThe second stage of Kettkebell World cup was held in Chelyabinsk (Russia) 23-24 of April. A lot of people competed there…
I achieved my new personal best – 154 points in biathlone (jerk 93 and snatch 122 in 63 kg bodyweight class) and won the second place (Johnny Benidze was first). It was really great event. Thanks to Ivan Denisov for best comditions of competing!
The next stage of World cup will be in Saint Peterburg 9-10 of May. I’ll be there…

Russian Championship among Juniors

Juniors russian championship on kettlebell sport 2014
20-24 of March we hold all-russian championship on kettlebell sport among juniors (till 23 years old). We had near 200 participants from 34 russian regions. We had a lot of new junior records. Head coach of Russian national team found new members for international juniors competitions 2014.
Rybinsk team has two gold medals in biathlon and one bronze in long cycle.

Korean Kettlebell Seminar

korean kettlebell seminar 2014
korean girevoy sport seminarMarch 8-9 we hold the second Korean RGSF seminar in Seoul. Two Korean lifters competed on World Championship in Tyumen after last seminar. They created Korean Federation of Kettlebell Lifting (KFKL).
Now they are working on development of girevoy sport around Korea. This time we had more students. All of them will compete the next month on the first Korean kettlebell competition.

The new issue of russian magazine about kettlebell sport

Magazine "Girevoy sport in Russia and around the World" #6
We just printed the new issue of magazine “Girevoy sport in Russia and around the World” №6. It has a lot of interesting information – 60 pages. Most interesting materials:
– World Championship 2013 (Tyumen, Russia),
– The new russian official rank table for 2014-2017 years,
– Ivan Belyaev – the Great athlet,
– Material about training of young athlets.
– and a lot of another information
You can buy this magasine from me..

World kettlebell championship 2013 in Tyumen

World kettlebell championship 2013, Tyumen

World kettlebell Championship 2013 is finished in Tyumen, Russia. It was really great event for all kettlebell lifter. We had more then 250 participants from 22 countries. It was very interesting to watch a lot of great results every flight. The level of competition is so high. Conditions for athletes were perfect. A lot of new world records. They made 105 drug tests.
Organizers made a video broadcast through internet. A lot of people from 42 countries was watching our Championship.
Team competition won Russian team, second place – Ukraine, 3-rd – Kazakhstan.
The next IUKL World Championship will be in Hamburg (Germany), middle of November 2014. See you there!!

European Cup 2013

European Kettlebell Cup 2013, ZagrebI just came back from Zagreb (Croatia). They held IUKL European Cup. I think it was the best IUKL competition. There competed athletes from 21 countries, more then 200 participants. I hope all IUKL competitions in future will have more and more participants.
Conditions were good for competing and I achieved my best jerk and biathlon numbers. My jerk is 93 reps, snatch – 109, biathlon – 147,5.
As I know the next year we have 6 stages of World Cup. It will be really interesting to compete and meet more athletes.
I hope to meet a lot of strong kettlebell lifters in Tyumen city on World Championship.
So many thanks to organizers of competition in Zagreb!

WC 2013 comming soon

world-championship-2013-on-kettlebell-liftingI’ll be a secretary of IUKL World Championship 2013 in Tyumen. You can ask me any questions about this competition.
As we promised we have a free flight for all partisipants from Moscow to Tyumen and from Tyumen to Moscow:
– 20 of November, 2013 Moscow (Domodedovo) – Tyumen (Roshchino), departure time from 11:00 to 12:00;
– 24 of November, 2013 Tyumen (Roshchino) – Moscow (Domodedovo), departure time from 10:00 to 11:00.
You have to come to Domodedovo airport 2 hours before flight!
At the moment we have information about partisipants from these countries: Estonia, USA, Kyrgyzstan, India, Denmark, Belorussia, Croatia, Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine, France, South Korea, Finland, Ireland, Australia, Japan, Latvia, Russia.
if you didn’t find your country in this list is means we didn’t get information from you.
Full information about participants is available now. Total 257 participants of 21 countries. Download >>
Ask your questions in comments of this post…

First korean kettlebell seminar

Girevoy sport seminar, Seoul, Korea, 2013, RGSF
Korean kettlebell seminar 2013We just finished first Korean girevoy sport (kettlebell sport) seminar. We held it under RGSF. It was two days seminar in Seoul. We were working on their technique and talking about training methods for growing their results and about competition participating. A few guys really can lift kettlebells and their technique is good at the moment.
Now they have no a team for international competitions but they promised to come to Russia to compete on World Championship 2013 (in Tyumen). They liked our seminar and they want to develop kettlebell sport in South Korea. They have a lot of plans around kettlebells. I like this seminar so much!

European Championship among youth 2013

European Championship among youth 2013IUKL European Kettlebell Championship among youth was held 27-28 of September in Hamburg (Germany). I was a secretary of this competition.
It was really interesting kettlebell event. They competed with kettlebells 16 and 24 kg. (girls younger then 16 years old used 12 kg kettlebells). The best result in biathlon: weight class 85 kg, jerk 164 + snatch 177 – Sergey Balabanov (Russia). The best in long cycle: 102 reps in weight class 75 kg – Konstantin Betekhtin (Russia).

The new russian rank table

Russian girevoy sport federation Russian judicial assembly prepared the project of the new rank table for Russian kettlebell lifters. Then they will bring it to Russian Sports Ministry and they will decide to change our rank system.
The new ranks are more harder then ranks we have now. The new rank table will be working 4 years (2014-2017).
You can see the new rank table project. I hope you understand Russian letters 🙂
Download russian rank table 2014-2017>>

Talking about kettlebell World Championship 2013

We hold all-russian tournament in Obninsk. More then 250 participants came there. 19 of them achieved master of sport rank. There we had a first experience of women long cycle in Russia. the best result is 76 reps (left+right) with 24 kg kettlebell.
We had a meeting of RGSA with RGSF President Igor Solodov. Main topic of this meeting was discussion about World Championship 2013. We published that all can compete there, but a lot of people disagree with it because they are official representatives of IUKL in their countries. And they have to bring official national team. That’s true but a lot of them never brought their team early. Only 2-3 countries have national championship and national team.
So our thing about participation in WC 2013: all official representatives have to tell us how and when they will find their team. It should be special open competition in every country. If they will not held such competition and they will not have a team them all participant from this county can compete in WC 2013. If you have on official IUKL representatives in your country then you can compete. And everybody can compete in amateur class (24 kg for men and 16 kg for women).
BUT we decided this only inside of RGSF. We have to confirm it with IUKL. Igor Solodov said he will discuss it with Imants Lochmels (IUKL President) and we will public official document.

RGSA Kettlebell Seminar in Denver (USA), 2013

We plan to held girevoy sport seminar in USA. It will in Denver, Colorado, USA. Addres of gym: 4950 E. Asbury Ave. unit 1, Denver, Colorado 80222.
RGSA instructors: MSWC Valentin Egorov && MSWC Anastasiya Zolotaryova.
Dates of seminar: 22-23-24 of February 2013.
Seminar topics:
– learning of classic exercises technique,
– a lot of hard training,
– assistants exercises,
– Russian MSMCs will be training together with you,
– practice of teaching,
– methods of training,
– RGSA certification.
Contact with Nico Rithner for payments and registration:
Contact me for any questions..

Russain Girevoy Sport Academy establishment

We created Russain Girevoy Sport Academy (RGSA). It is a new organization, but it works under RGSF. Kettlebell seminars is only one task of RGSA. We have a lot of task from RGSF. We have to do:
– seminars for judges (inside Russia);
– seminars for coaches (inside Russia);
– international kettlebell seminars;
– organizer of the competitions;
– making the magazine about kettlebell sport;
– scientific activities;
– making stuff for promotion of kettlebell sport;
– ect…
Our director is RGSF vice president Mikhail Trofimov. Our main team: Anton Anasenko, Ivan Denisov, Valentin Egorov.

Welcome to World kettlebell championship 2013 in Russia!

world-championship-2013-on-kettlebell-liftingWorld Championship 2013 on kettlebell lifting will be in Russia (in Tyumen’ city). Russian organizers already started to prepare everything for this competition.
Welcome to Russia! Our pesident said us to invite participants from more then 40 countries.
Organizers will do a free fligh from Moscow to Tyumen’.
Contact me for more information and for getting invitation for visa.

Russian cup 2012…

I competed on Russian cup and repeated my personal best – 90 jerks. Before competition we had a judges seminar – it was first Russian judges seminar.
Korean guest KyuYeon Park came to our competition and seminar.
Also we decided to create kettlebell academy inside of RGSF, we’ll call it RGSA (Russian Girevoy Sport Academy). We designed new for of our certificates.
News about IUKL rules – the next year we will have no one of heavy weight classes. The last weight class will be “over 95”. The same rule will be in Russia.
Video of my jerk: http://youtu.be/Cw350mg8uGA

5-th TAFISA World Sport for All Games

5-th TAFISA World Sport for All Games 2012 was held 5-9 of July in Siauliai (Lithuania). There were more then 100 countries and more then 3000 athlets of defferent sports.

In kettlebell competition We had a little bit more then 100 participants. This time I was a member of Russian national team. And I won this competition. I competed in weight class 63 kg and achieved result 83 jerks and 104 shatches.

So the next competition for me will be Russian cup. It will be September 23. Our RGSF international department decided to invited more external competitor to our comps. Welcome to Russian cup 😉

My new personal best in snatch

Today we had local competition and I achieved my personal best in snatch with 32 kg kettlebell. It’s 63 reps per left side and 61 reps per right side (my body weight is still 63 kg). I hope to repeat this result (or maybe increase my numbers 🙂 ) the next time.
We have semi final of Russian championship in 2 weeks – April 12-15 in Saint Petersburg.

RGSF seminar in Worms (Germany) – March, 2012

RGSF seminar in Worms (Germany) 2012, Valentin Egorov
March 3-5 I hold three days girevoy sport seminar in Germany. This time it was in Worms, in Wormser Kettlebell Club. It was RGSF seminar. There were 5 participants. All of them liked our short camp.

We discussed conditions of summer kettlebell camp with Aleksej Dornhof. We will held it in Worms June 18-24, 2012. Welcome 😉