5-th TAFISA World Sport for All Games

5-th TAFISA World Sport for All Games 2012 was held 5-9 of July in Siauliai (Lithuania). There were more then 100 countries and more then 3000 athlets of defferent sports.

In kettlebell competition We had a little bit more then 100 participants. This time I was a member of Russian national team. And I won this competition. I competed in weight class 63 kg and achieved result 83 jerks and 104 shatches.

So the next competition for me will be Russian cup. It will be September 23. Our RGSF international department decided to invited more external competitor to our comps. Welcome to Russian cup 😉

My new personal best in snatch

Today we had local competition and I achieved my personal best in snatch with 32 kg kettlebell. It’s 63 reps per left side and 61 reps per right side (my body weight is still 63 kg). I hope to repeat this result (or maybe increase my numbers 🙂 ) the next time.
We have semi final of Russian championship in 2 weeks – April 12-15 in Saint Petersburg.

RGSF seminar in Worms (Germany) – March, 2012

RGSF seminar in Worms (Germany) 2012, Valentin Egorov
March 3-5 I hold three days girevoy sport seminar in Germany. This time it was in Worms, in Wormser Kettlebell Club. It was RGSF seminar. There were 5 participants. All of them liked our short camp.

We discussed conditions of summer kettlebell camp with Aleksej Dornhof. We will held it in Worms June 18-24, 2012. Welcome 😉

RGSF seminar and summer camp in Worms (Germany), 2012

The next month (3-5 of March) I’ll held RGSF kettlebell sport instructor seminar. As usually you will get a lot of interesting and usefull information.
Then I’ll come back to Worms on June together with another members of RGSF International Department. It will be week kettlebell camp with three RGSF instructors: MSWC Anton Anasenko, MSWC Valentin Egorov and Ph.D. Vladimir Tichonov. We will be training together with you and Dr Tichonov will do some scientific experiments with you and give you some tips about your technique and your methods of training.

Austin kettlebell seminar 2011

Austin rgsf seminar 2011

Today we finished first RGSF seminar in USA. We hold it in Austin (Texas) in Punch kettlebell gym. We had 12 participants. It was very useful days.
Last day we tested all of our participants. The best result was acheived by Surya Voinar Fowler (representative of Ice Chamber kettlebell club). Aslo Lisa Hensz and Henry Virgilio Marshall showed very good results.
Welcome to our seminars!

Our first DVD about KB training

RGSF DVD about kettlebell trainingWe finished making our first DVD about girevoy sport training. It’s a lot of information about classical exercises, techniques and traininng. You can get this DVD free when you are participating in our seminars. Or you can buy it from me.
Content of RGSF DVD:
1. The elements of the competitive exercises
2. Methods of teaching competitive girevoy sport exercises
3. Juggling
4. Methods of training
5. The choice of techniques according to anatomy and physiology pf athletes, his qualification, KB weight, KB lifting tempo
6. For main types of jerk
7. the best movies of the World Championship in NY, September 16-19, 2011

World Championship 2011, NY

I just came back home from New York. I competed in IUKL World Championship. As I told earlier I competed with kettlebells 24 kg. My weight class is 63 kg. I won with result 141 jerks and 163 snatches.
It was wonderful trip in US. I met many American lifters. Earlier I communicated with them only via the Internet. Thanks to Yury Petunov for this competition.

RGSF seminar in Haltern am See (Germany)

I’ll do three days RGSF seminar in Haltern am See (Germany). It will be February 3-5, 2012 in “Choise of Champions” gym.

Seminar schedule:
– learning of classic exercises technique,
– assistants exercises,
– demonstrative performances with V.Egorov,
– planning of your workouts,
– practice of teaching,
– choise of the best variant of techniques for everyone,
– hard training.

Special presents for all participants:
– DVD “Classic exercises of kettlebell lifting”,
– Manual for beginners,
– T-shirt with RGSF logotype
– 20% discount for online coaching during one year.

For more information you can contact me and Dr. Hermann Korte: hc.korte@arcor.de


RGSF Seminar in Texas

RGSF seminar in Austin (Texas)

We will come to Austin (Texas, USA) to do three days RGSF seminar. Date of seminar: November 11-13,
Place: Punch Kettlebell Austin

There will be three instructors:
Anton Anasenko,
Valentin Egorov,
Igor Morozov.

For any questions about accommodations please contact with Henry Virgilio Marshall: henry@punchgym.com

Contact us for other questions…

Welcome to RGSF seminar!!!

I will come to USA

Valentin Egorov. Training with kettkebells 24 kgI just got an US visa. I’ll come to New York to compete in the World Championship. But I’m not in Russian national team (because Johnny Benidze…) that’s why I’ll compete among amateurs with kettlebells 24 kg.
I didn’t compete with 24 kg 8 years. But I’m getting ready to do it this time.
I’ll back to USA in November – we with another members of International department of RGSF will do seminar in Austin (Texas).

Plan of RGSF seminars

Our International department of RGSF is planning the next seminars:
1. October 21-23, 2011 – Dusseldorf, Germany (Anton Anasenko).
2. November 11-13, 2011 – Austin,Техаs, USA (Anton Anasenko, Valentin Egorov and Igor Morozov)
3. November 18-20, 2011 – Uddevalla, Sweden (Igor Morozov)
4. December 01-03, 2011 – Moscow, Russia (Anton Anasenko, Valentin Egorov, Igor Morozov, Kseniya Dedyukhina, Vladimir Tikhonov)
5. January 21-22, 2012 – Wexford, Ireland (Igor Morozov, Elena Yurysheva)
6. February 3-5 – Haltern am See, Germany (Valentin Egorov)
Just contact us if you want we do a seminar in your gym…

RGSF seminar in Moscow

We planned greatest seminar of 2011. We’ll do it in Moscow, December 1-4. It will be course with certification. There will be FIVE instructors(!):
Anton Anasenko,
Valentin Egorov,
Igor Morozov,
Kseniya Dedyukhina,
Vladimir Tikhonov.

Seminar schedule:
– learning of classic exercises technique,
– assistants exercises,
– basics of juggling,
– demonstrative performances with Russian MSMCs,
– practice of teaching,
– hard training,
– excursion to the Red Square.

Extra conditions:
1. Professor Vladimir Tihonov will conduct a scientific research with each seminar participant and provide appropriate recommendations, which will significantly improve athletic performance.
2. Individually training plan for every partisipant (for 1 month)
3. Partisipating in russian competition – all-russian tournament in Obninsk (near 100 km from Moscow)!!! It will be best experience!!

and any more good things:
1. validity of the certificate is 3 years (usually it’s only 2 years).
2. Discount 25% for another RGSF seminars during the next year.
Contact us to register and pay.

Open Euro Cup 2011

Last Saturday (June 25) I competed on Open Euro cup in Chelyabinsk. And what do you think? I’m second again. Johnny was better then me again. But this time I showed my personal best in biathlon. My jerk is 84 and snatch is 107 (54+53), total 137,5 (My old PB was 136).
It was last event of this season. Now a little vocation and preparation for autumn competitions.

International Department of RGSF

In Russian Girevoy Sport Federation (RGSF) we created a new department. “Department of International relations” or just “International department of RGSF”. The main goal of our department is teaching athletes and coaches around the world! It will be the best kettlebell learning from Russian professionals.
Now our team looks like:
– Anton Anasenko
– Valentin Egorov
– Igor Morozov
– Anatoly Sukhovey
– Vladimir Tikhonov

Some times we will invite any another coaches to our courses.
Now is preparation time, we will start to work soon!

Silver on Russian Kettlebell Championsip 2011

So I’m second again. And Jonny Benidze is first again. My result this time is jerk 82 and snatch 47 + 50. Jonny showed amazing jerk – 137 reps.
This champ was in Tumen’. Next time I will compete in Chelyabinsk (Open European Cup), June 25.

Workshop in Haltern am See

May 6-8 I and Gregor Sobocan from Slovenia did 3 days camp in Haltern am See (Germany). Many thanks to Dr. Hermann Korte for providing the “Choice of Champions” gym.
It were really interesting days. I and Gregor showed hard sets with kettlebells every day. We taught participants technique of classic exercises, preparation kettlebells and many assistant exercises.
I hope this short camp was very useful for all participants.
Welcome to our next events!

Workshop in Haltern am See, Germany. Announcement

My next kettlebell workshop will be in Germany, Halterm am See. This time we will do it together with Gregor Sobocan – Slovenian coach. It will be 3 days international workshop.
The date of this event is May 6-9, time: 9:00 – 13:00 and 14:30 – 17:00.
For getting more information about registration you can contact with Dr. Hermann Korte (korte@k3k.de)

Russian magazine about kettlebell lifting

Kettlebell Lifting in Russia and in the WorldThis year I became a chief editor of Russian magazine about kettlebell lifting. Yesterday we finished preparations. And today printing was started. The first issue of magazine will be realised on April, 12.
It will include:
– Interwiew with the President of Russian KB federation,
– The story about Johny Benidze (with a small interview),
– Stories about different competitions of 2010
– Many pictures,
– The story about kettlebell lifting in Tumen region – the strongest region in Russia,
– Three articles about training
– and other…

It’s only in Russian.

By the way you can invite me on your events and I’ll write report about it for the next issue.

Competition “face to face”

Yesterday we with Anton Vinogradov (Master of sport) had competition “face to face”. It was only one exercise – jerk. 10 minutes. I competed with 29 kg kettlebells, Anton with 28 kg.
We started together. But Anton didn’t finish all 10 minutes and I won him.
My result is 106 reps, Anton’s result is 86 reps.

Next GKI Course Level 1 in March

global-kettlebell-instituteI’m invited by GKI (Global Kettlebell Institute) to do next course level 1. It will be in the same sports center in Kleszczów (Poland) on March 5-6.

There is modern sport center with good gym, stadium, restaurant and swimming pool for regeneration.
It will be 2 day course and every participants will get certificate of GKI Kettlebell instructor Level 1.

I’ll show technique of classic exercises and any assistants.


Ivan Denisov’s Interview

Today I interviewed my friend, the strongest kettlebell lifter of our planet, world-class athlete, the champion of Russia and the World – Ivan Denisov for site GIREVIK-ONLINE.COM. You can read this interview here: http://www.girevik-online.com/news/45-ivan-denisovs-interview

Russian Kettlebell Federation President’s propasal

Our presindent Igor Solodov offer to Yury Scherbina (President of Ukraine Kettlebell Sport Federation) to hold competition between our teams: Russia and Ukraine.

Ukrainian team is world champion of IGSF, russian team is world champion of IUKL. Who is stronger?

Igor Solodov wants to do in in Belgorod (russian city on the border between Russia and Ukraine).
According Igor’s plan there will be one partisipant from each country in every weight category. But in Russia and in Ukraine we have different weight categories.

But we still haven’t response from ukrainian team.
I think it will be very interesting event!

You can see official proposal here (in russian): http://www.girevik-online.ru/images/stories/news/2010/obraschenie-vfgs-2010.doc

Welcome in Rybinsk in April 2011

rybinskWe have semi-final of Russian Championship in Rybinsk on April 12-14. I will be one of organizers and I want to invite many external perticipants. We will do especial nomination among external competitor.
Welcome in Rybinsk on April 12-15. You can see many great russian athlets and compete with them.
You can ask me more information if it’s interesting for you. Ofcourse I’ll help you with visa and with trasnslating russian 🙂
If you have any questions ask me over my Contact form or on Facebook

Kettlebell week in Poland

Two days ago I came back home from Poland. We with Global Kettlebell Institute did first course with certification and any workshops in different cities.
So… On our first course were 10 participants. 7 of them wanted to get certificate. This course was in Kleszcow in 2 days long. I showed them technique of classic exercises and different assistant exercises with kettlebells and with olympic bar. In end of second day we did certificated exam for 7 participants. For exam students had tests:
– rack position of jerk
– exercises: jerk, snatch, long cycle, swings, cleans
– teaching test.
After this course we did three short workshops in Wroslaw for polish military, in Kepno for polish police and in Lodz in fighter school.
Every day in end of our workshop I was showing demo set 3 minutes of jerk with 32 kg kettlebells.
It was great week. All participants of our events like it.
So who wants the next workshop with me? 😉


I’ll do courses in Poland

global-kettlebell-instituteI was invited by Global Kettlebell Institute in Poland to do level 1 of their certification courses.
Course will be October 23-24 according to this schedule:
POLAND, Kleszczów, woj. łódzkie.
Saturday (Oct. 23): 8:30 – 13:00, 14:00 – 18:00
Sunday (Oct. 24): 8:30 – 13:00, 14:00 – 18:00

More info and registration on the GKI’s website: http://globalkettlebellinstitute.com/

I’m Second on Russian Cup

valentin-and-jonnyI’m again second. It’s very good result for Russian Cup! Jonny Benidze again first. I did 82 in jerk and 92 in snatch (snatch 50 left + 42 right).
Else my team (team of my region) participated in relay race. I did 36 reps in three minutes. We were third in relay race.
So it was not bad season for me: second places on Russian Championship and on Russian Cup and 1-st place in absolute class on “Venspils Atlants” tournament.

Ventspils Atlants 2010

'Ventspils Atlants 2010' - Valentin EgorovLast weekend in Ventspils (Latvia) was held international tournament “Ventspils Atlants”. There were participants from different countries: Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Norway, Belgium, Belarussia, Ukraine.
I won 1 place in professional level among all weight categories (they counted result divided by body weight). I did jerk 83 and snatch 57+47. 135 in biathlon.

Workshop in Wexford

Last weekend I did my first workshop. It was in Wexford (Ireland) in the Total Fitness
System gym. I came in Wexford on July 2 and we did one small training before 2 days workshop.
On Saturday and Sunday we were working for technique and doing any assistant exercises. Also we were talking about training rules and different training method. Then I showed two jerk sets: 2×24 kg 5 min and 2×32 kg 3 min. I like all participants. They are very cheerful and diligent guys and girls.
Thanks to Mick Kelly for helding this event.
It was very good weekend.

Running in Kettlebell Training

The running is needed for endurance training of kettlebell lifters. It’s hard to achieve good results without running. I distinguish 3 main groups of running:
1. Running for the common endurance. It is running about 10 km. Not fast.
2. Running for specialized endurance. This is a distance of 3-4 km with a maximum pace. Quickly as possible.
3. Recovery run. Jogging 20-30 minutes.
In my opinion the best in the preparation for a competition period would be the inclusion of running in training by such scheme: running type 1 and 2 only once a week and recovery run (type 3) every day after training with kettlebells.

I’m Second on Russian Kettlebell Championship

valentin-egorovLast week in Belgorod was held final of Russian Championship.
We first tried the new weight classes: 63, 68, 73, 78, 85, 95, 105 and more then 105 kg. Also we tried new standard kettlebells. I really like its.
I was second after Jonny Benidze. I did jerk 81 and snatch 51+46. Total in biathlon is 129,5. It’s two points better then last time (on semi-final).