New York City’s First Annual National Long Cycle Championship of Kettlebell Lifting

ironworks-feIronWorks Fe held New York City’s First Annual National Long Cycle Championship of kettlebell lifting. The event was open for new lifters and pro’s and was an opportunity for everyone to come together under one roof to grab the experience and knowledge from each other and share in what they know. The camaraderie amongst the crowd and lifters was like bringing together long lost friends and having a celebration. There was Andrew Durniat from Ohio and John Wild Buckley that made an appearance to do “feats of strength” and some very special friends that traveled all the way from Sweden to participate, Patric Westerlund and Tobias Holm. The crowd went wild when John rolled Christine Silverstein up into a ball and snatched her like a kettlebell up in the air and then did the windmill. Andrew impressed the crowd with his 2-arm 32kg bell long cycle set.

The event started with an opening of school dancers who got up on stage and did an African style dance, intermission consisted of a very luxurious catered lunch with gourmet sandwiches, 5 different salads, side dishes and dessert.

There was some of the finest judges to be part of our event. Master Coach, Bao Tran from New York City and Master Coach and Master of Sport, Ashley Hughes from Long Island, New York and Certified Kettlebell Trainer, Robert Klein from Long Island New York.

The event was a 10 minute Long Cycle Set for women and 1 arm and/or 2 arm long cycle set for men. At the end of the flights, was held a Team Relay that consisted of 3 members to a team, the event was straight up jerk, unlimited hand switch, for 3 min. each member. Total number of reps per team was the winner.

There was an amazing awards ceremony. Every lifter made comments that IronWorks Fe event was the best event they have attended thus far, stating it was professionally set up, professionally run and well organized. Maybe at IronWorks will be able to do many more events in the future.

Thanks to Christine Silverstein for information.

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