Kettlebell Lifting in Finland

The Finnish Kettlebell AssociationGirevoy Sport, Kettlebell Sports, is relatively new in Finland but it’s getting more popular every year. Finns have participated to international competitions since 2006, when Marko Suomi went to the World Championships in Ogre, Latvia for the first time. After that Finland has always had a team competing in Ventspils Atlants tournament, and teams and individuals competing in the USA, Germany and Russia. 2008 Simo Kurvinen took the 3rd place in the European Championships in Latvia. March 2009 Kukka Laakso competed in Columbus, in the Arnold Sport Festival and won the silver medal in biathlon.

Finnish women compete in Biathlon. Snatch, but One Arm Jerks and One Orm Long Cycle as well.

The first official National Championships will be held August 29th in Hameenlinna. Among this the Finnish gireviks also organize smaller local competitions at least twice in a year – for example the CrossWorld competition in co-operation with other countries, which has became a nice tradition. Girevoy Sport works with close co-operation with the National Weightlifting Federation.

In Finland there is few local GS-clubs around the country and thanks to enthusiastic lifters and athletes they will probably have more clubs within few years. It’s pretty common that most of the Finnish GS-lifters train by themselves. There isn’t that many actual coaches yet, but the lifters travel and go to different workshops to learn. Some lifters do have coaches. Few men are coached by Sergey Rachinskiy and a female lifter Kukka Laakso is coached by American lifter and coach Catherine Imes. Hopefully in the future we will have Finnish coaches and more lifters too.

Kettlebells are quite popular in Finland. Not as actual GS-sport yet, but as training equipments. Many gyms have kettlebells and some group sessions, but it’s more about fitness than sports.

Kettlebell lifting in Finland

Kettlebell lifting in Finland

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Thanks Kukka Laakso for information.

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