Kettlebell lifting in different coutries

I want to write any posts about kettlebell lifting in different countries. Its will be articles about coaches, athletes, organizations. I think I will start these posts with my mother-land – with Russia. I will write post about Russian kettlebell lifting end of week.
If you want to tell about kettlebell lidting in your country, you can to write me over my contact form.
I hope it will be very interesting for all amateurs of kellebell lifting.

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  1. How I Lost 30 Pounds in 30 Days Without Diet Says:

    Thanks for posting about this, I would love to read more about this topic.

  2. Mattia Says:

    Hello Valentin congratulation for your web site and foru your result in girevoy sport…I write from italy(Milano)
    i started in girevoy sport(kettlebell lifting) 2 years ago…with my trainer Oleh Ilika(recordman and sportsman)
    Oleh foundated in itali the Federazione Italiana ghiri e kettlebell sport….Now The italian team count 6 serius Athlet (32kg ) I have parteciped in 3 world championship and ihave win 2 time the world championship in long cycle and et years i hope to broken the world record in under 23category(i m 1987) …Oleh is vrery great trainer and this is very beatiful sport….we have need concentration ,speed, strength, endurance….we are very strong athlets

    Thanks …
    Пока Bалентин

  3. Mattia Says:

    Oleh Ilika (m.s.i.c.) from ukraine …in 1999 Oleh come to live in italy..and foundate the girevoy sport federation italy
    the center of this organization is in Milano (nord Italy)
    in 2000 Oleh organize the firs show of girevoy sport and in 2002 started the first competition calendar….with the italian championship and local competition….
    Unfortunately …in italy the girevoy sport is not much praticed…and the sportsman were little…(max 15 sportsman)
    and the livel was very low
    man under 75kg usin 16kg of giria and man up 75kg using the 24kg giria …woman 8-12kg

    in 2004 in hamburg oleh it carried teh first national team of girevoy sport (2people + Oleh)
    buth the italian livel is very low

    in the summer 2006 2007 i start my adventure in the big family of girevoy sport….
    in 2007 the sportsman increased and the livel so high …now the category are -75kg -90kg -+90kg for man and woman -60kg +60kg

    and the competition weight of giria are -75kg 24kg -90kg 32+32kg +90kg 32+32kg and woman -60kg 12kg +60kg 16kg ….sorry for my english …to continue… tamks

  4. admin Says:

    Mattia, write me this (and other) info over contact form and I’ll post it in blog….


  5. Augustina Rainville Says:

    What a awesome post! Please post more often about kettlebells they are my new fitness passion.Thanks

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