Fundamental of Kettlebell lifting

“Soviet sport” published first manual of kettlebell lifting lifting named “Fundamental of Kettlebell lifting“. Main editor is Vladimir Tikhonov Ph.D.
This book involves the history of Russian girevoy sport, the outstanding problems in this sport. There are a lot of information about biomechanics of motor action and respiration. On the cover of this book shows the strongest athlete of our planet Denisov Ivan.
Reviewers are:
– Dean of the Faculty of Physical Culture of the Chuvash State Pedagogical University, Ph.D, professor Pyanzin Andrey;
– President of Federation of Russia kettlebell lifting (VFGS), Chairman of the executive of International Union of kettlebell lifting (IUKL) Solodov Igor.

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  1. Eduardo Macieira Says:

    Good evening, I was wondering how do I buy this book.
    I live in Brazil

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