Kettlebell lifting in Russia

kettlebell lifting in RussiaKettlebell lifting (Girevoy sport) in Russia stand out weightlifters in the early 80’s. Then competition took place in a triathlon – jerk, snatch, and press kettlebells. At that time was no limitation in time. Many athletes lifted kettlebells for more than an hour. In 1985 was the first championship of the USSR. Then in the early 90’s introduced the restriction on time – 10 minutes, and removed the press exercise from program of competitions.
Since 1998, Russia began to pursue the championship of a long cycle. Since 2007, have adopted a single championship of Russia: the classic biathlon and a long cycle.
Currently in Russia there are 3 age groups (boys under 16, young men under 18 and juniors under 22 years). At the championship and Cup of Russia can to participate guys of all ages.
Boys under 16 years competing with kettlebells 16 and 24 kilograms, all other – with kettlebells 32 kg. Girls under 16 and under 18 years old compete with kettlebells 12 and 16 kg, other – with 24 kg.
There are veterans’ age group – over 40 years. They compete with kettlebells 16 and 24 kg.
The main Russian organization of kettlebell lifting – Russian Federation of Kettlebell Lifting (Всероссийская федерация гиревого спорта). It’s president is Igor Solodov.

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