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Indian kettlebell lifting federation

Indian kettlebell lifting federation, 2018
I just finished my 3 days trip to New Delhi – capital of India. Vipin Kumar President of KLFI (Kettlebell Lifting Federation of India) invited me. The first day we had judges seminar, we had lot of talking about competition rules. The second day we had the first Indian National Championship. I was the head judge of this comp. I didn’t know so many Indian athletes before..
And the last day we had training workshop. We were working on technique of jerk, snatch and long cycle. Guys plan to take part of the first IUKL Asian championship in South Korea end of June 2018.

Semifinal of Russian championship

Semifinal of Russian championship 2018
We just finished semifinal of Russian kettlebell championship in Novovoronezh city. I was competing and won second place with result 90 jerks and 126 snatches. My next competition – Russian championship – end of May, Saint Petersburg.