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В інтернеті сьогодні можна легко взяти онлайн кредит 3 000 грн на картку одного з українських банків. Фото прикріплювати не обов'язково.

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Якщо вам потрібні корпоративні курси англійської тоді звертайтесь до однієї з компаній, які надають такі послуги в Україні.

Autumn 2021 events..

Online kettlebell classes

We started online kettlebell classes the last year during the International lockdown. And we still make them every Sunday.
How does it look? You need only one kettlebell light weight. The training program consis of a few exercises. We make it all together without breaks. Total time is about 30-60 minutes.
Our team: instructors Ksenia Dedyukhina, Sergey Merkulin and Valentin Egorov. And our technical instructor Amanda Wegner.
Ask us how to join our classes 😉
We use Zoom application for meeting.
You can watch video example of our class: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oct9VrkDCHw

Ivan Markov’s Interview

The next interview under the project Girevik-online.INTERVIEW was for IVAN MARKOV. Ivan Markov is an athlete from St. Petersburg (Russia). Absolute record holder and world champion in biathlon. The conversation was about live of proffessional athlete, his training, hobbies, his mental training and lot of interesting questions to Ivan.
The video has an english subtitles!
Let’s go to watch!! //www.youtube.com/watch?v=Df8AhXAG6_w&t=4s

Competitions of Spring-2021

Finally we could compete at all competitions during this spring. A few words about all of them:
Semifinal of Russian Nationals. It was in Pskov city. Two my students were competing there. They both still not so strong but they achieved a rank Master of sport.
Asian kettlebell Championship in Tashkent. It’s only 3rd asian championship in a kettlebelle sport history. This time we finally had more participants – there were about 150 athletes. It was an honor to be a head judge of this championship.
European kettlebell championship. Kazan was the host city. It was really fantastic competition. Kazan – the sports capital of Russia. Tha competition was very beautiful and conditions for athletes were really perfect! And ofcourse it was an honor for me to be a head judge again!
World championship among kids. It was the first WORLD competitions for U-16 and U-18. The competition was held in Lithuanian Kaunas. So many peoplecame there…
The main competition 2021 – THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP will be in Budapest (Hungary). I hope to see all our kettlebell fans!

Russian youth’s championship

We just came back home from the russian youth’s championship. Our team has really good achievments. we have 3 gold medals, one silver and 3 bronze.. Also we have 2 new russian youths records in long cycle and snatch!
Three our athlese will take places in the russian national team for competion in World youth’s championship on Lithuania in June.
See you there 😉

Kettlebell magazine

I work like head editor of russian kettlebell magazine since 2010. I just got a new issue of the magazine. It is #13. We have one issue yearly))
The major person of this magazine is a new President of Russian girevoy sport Federation – Sergey Kirillov. Another interesting athletes of this issue: Sergey Balabanov – one of strongest athletes of long cycle; Natalya Barbakova and her daughter Aleksandra – both very strong athletes, world champions.
Unfortunatelly we still have only russian version..


2 years ago I got a new kettlebell hobby – making interview with the greatest kettlebell athletes. I already made 4 interviews:
Sergey Kirillov – honored master of sport, head coach of russian team, head of Saint Petersburg kettlebell federation, elected as President of Russian girevoy sport federation;
Vladimir Gurov – honored master of sport, 5-times russian champion, 5-times world champion;
Movsar Suleymanov – master of sport of world class, world champion, jerk world record holder.
Ksenia Dedyukhina – honored master of sport, 9-times russian champion, 9-times world champion, snatch world record holder;
Two last videos already have english subtites and we are working on others))
Talking with such famous people – it really interesting and usefull…

My competing in Kaluga

Really I decided I’ll be not competing on finals of Russian Championship any more.. I have so much work around kettlebell sport. But I still train and some times i want to compete anywhere..
Ths time I was competing on all-russian tournament in Kaluga. There were so many athletes. I took second place and achieved 156 poins in biathlon. My absolutelly personal best is 156.5. So I was really strong this time)).
Train more )) still strong))

World kettlebell Championship 2020 in Saint Petersburg

The World kettlebell Championship was held in Saint Petersburg. It was really pleasure to work there. So long time without any competitions was terryble.
It was not easy to travel around the World for athletes from many countries. They had only 12 countries represented there. But all athletes who came to compete had really good resultd. A few world records were achieved in Saint Petersburg.
The most impressive result was achieved by Irina Martynova. She has 80 repetitions in long cycle in professional class with kettlebells 24 kg.
See you on our next competitions!!

Russian kettlebell federation conference

The conference of Russian girevoy sport federation was held the next day of the Russian championship in Saint Petersburg.
Sergey Kirillov was elected like the new President of russian kettlebell sport federation. I became a vice-president. We are ready for 5 years of working on kettlebell sport development.

Russian Championship 2020

After the long lockdown and self-isolation life we finally had russian kettlebell championship.
It wasnt so strong for me. But I brought lot of my students here. We competed and achieved really good results.
So many athletes came to Saint Petersburg for cometing. Organization was realy perfect. The World Championship will be held in the same venue. It was like last repetition before WC holding.

Traveling is finally possible

We finally can train and travel. I had the great kettlebell trip with my family. We visited 5 cities and I was training everywere with my kettlebell friends))
Final of our adventure was in Belgorod. It was 4 days of training with Sergey Merkulin’s team. We had much fun. Really good city and good people!
So we are ready for the next step – hard training and great competing!
By the way during lockdown period we were trying to train home. We with my friends rud our online kettlebell classes. We make them every week. Join us 😉 And welcome to our online training too.
Hope to see all of you in off line))

Free online classes during quarantine time

It is really hard time for evreryone around the World – it is coronavirus quarantine. All gyms are closed in all cities. We made a video about home and outdoor training: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSHWkGwT-ok&t=124s.
We desided to try to unite staying home kettlebell lifters from different cities and countries. We run free online kettlebell classes. Two times a week we train online all together. Every training is 35-45 minutes of non stop lifting (many different exercises).
Our team: instructors Ksenia Dedyukhina, Sergey Merkulin and Valentin Egorov. And our technical instructor Amanda Wegner.
Welcome to our online classes every Tuesday and Saturday. And my online coaching service still working too!

Aleksander Ilin’s memorial tournament in Rybisnk

We have annual kettlebell tournament in Rybinsk. It is memorial of world champion Aleksander Il’in. He was very strong athlete of heavy bodyweoght class.
Athletes can use kettlebells of different weight: 24,28,32 kg for males and 8-24 kg for females.
This time we had around 170 competitors here. We hope to see external competitors the next year 😉

Asian Kettlebell Championship 2019 in New Delhi

IUKL Asian kettlebell championship this time was held in India, New Delhi.
We still have not so many countries for such competitions. Athletes from Kazakhstan, Japan, India, Russia and China were competing there. It was only second official Asian championship in kettlebell sport history.
We hope the next year we will have more athletes. We have few candidates where it maybe held: India, Kazakhstan, Russia.

World Championship 2019

World Kettlebell Championship was held in Serbian city Novi Sad. We had so many athletes from 34 countries. It was pleasure to meet agian all of them. We are looking for making better events every year.
Also we had meeting with WKSF representatives. We disscused any types of cooperations. Maybe we will make any events together.

IF Forum 2019 in Lausanne

Forum of International Sport federations 2019
International federations (IF) Forum 2019 was held in Lausanne. It was really interesting and useful event.
IOC President Thomas Bach had really impressive speach on openning ceremony. International Union of kettlebell lifting (IUKL) got observer Status of GAISF for 2 more years.
They highly appreciated results of our work. IUKL getting stronger and stronger every year.

Russian Kettlebell Cup 2019

Russian kettlebell cup 2019
We had Russian kettlebell cup 19-22 September in Tomsk city. Tomsk is really strong region of kettlebell sport. They made fantastic event. Everything was really nice and comfortable! You can see one of flights here: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSW_ADFhS8c&t=447s
My best achievement is only second place of snatch this time. It was not easy competing)))) I plan my next competing on our home tournament – memorial of Aleksander Ilin 10-12 Dec in Rybinsk.
During this competition we made a little interview with RGSF (Russian girevoy sport federation) President Igor Solodov: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFTj-_ocFzw&t=547s (only in Russian).
The next goal – judging of World Championship 2019 in Novi Sad (Serbia).

Kettlebell Summer 2019

This summer was full of intensive training and coaching.. We had a final of Russian championship in June in Kazan. It was not so successful for me – I got forth place. My jerk was not so good, the main mistake was wrong weight loss. I have to lose more than 5 kg before each competition.
End of June we had European kid’s championship in Paris. It was really nice trip and we got great results. FIVE young athletes from my Rybinsk Kettlebell Club achieved first places! We brought home five gold medals!
After that I was concentrated on coaching and extra promotion of kettlebell sport in my home region of Russia. I got more students and more online students. My sports school won regional competition among different sports schools (we had best results of Russian and International competitions during the last year).
Also we made a new video interview with few times World champion Vladimir Gurov. It is really interesting experience for me.
In two weeks I will compete at the Cup of Russia. I train together with my students. Welcome to train with us!
Join me on Instagram:

IUKL at SportAccord 2019

SportAccord 2019 in Queensland
5-10 May IUKL represented kettlebell sport at SportAccord in Queensland (Australia).
IUKL had 4 delegates: Valentin Egorov (Russia), Rhonda Glick (USA), Cheryl Schneider (Australia) and Shannon Pigdon (Australia). We tried to tell about kettlebell sport for all participants of this great event.
We had lot of talking with many different companies working around sport. Also we showed live kettlebell sport for GAISF team and made a little report about IUKL work.
Now we are looking for work for getting status of full member in GAISF. We need more accredited national kettlebell federations around the World!
You can watch a short video about IUKL stand here: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtvMGOmR-QA

Outdoor kettlebell festival in Seoul

Valentin Egorov on kettlebell festival in Seoul
This time we with KFKL (Korean federation of kettlebell lifting) had a new format of kettlebell event. It was 2 days outdoor kettlebell lifting festival. Competitions, master-classes, demonstration show were included in this festival. The second day famous Korean singers were singing during kettlebell event. Very many people were watching kettlebell lifting. It was really interesting event for participators and for visitors.
Kettlebell fistival in Seoul 2019

Semifinal of Russian Championship in Rybinsk

Semifinal of Russian championship 2019 Rybinsk
We just finished holding the semifinal of Russian championship on girevoy sport (kettlebell lifting). It was in my hometown – Rybinsk. More than 300 athletes from 31 regions of Russia came to Rybinsk for competing. It was really good competition, we tried to make best conditions for athletes and beautiful view for visitors. And we did it!
I was competing too. Really not easy to organize such event and compete the same time. I achieved 88 jerks and 128 snatches and took 2-nd place. Still strong)))
So we hope to see more and more participants of different competition in Rybinsk city.

Aleksandr Il’in Memorial Tournament of kettlebell lifting in Rybinsk

We were holding 6th kettlebell memorial tournament of World Champion Aleksander Il’in in my hometown Rybinsk. We have more and more athletes every year. This time around 150 athletes from 18 regions of Russia.
I would like to invite all of you to the next competition, December 2019! Welcome!
You can watch a short video-clip here.

Training seminar and ASIAN Championship 2018

It was my longest trip to Korea. We had girevoy sport seminar 24th-25th November and training with Korean team Seoul. Then we were training together during 5 days.
After that we came to Busan city for holding the first official Asian kettlebell championship. It was
amazing competition!! Athletes from 8 countries were there for competing: China, Mongolia, Russia, Japan, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and South Korea.
The day before championship we had IUKL judges seminar.
Many thanks to organizers of this great competition! KFKL – you are really strong team!! Well done guys!

International Federation’s Forum 2018

LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND - NOVEMBER 5: Valentin Egorov, Executive Director International Union of Kettlebell Lifting during the IF Forum 2018 on November 5, 2018 in Lausanne, Switzerland. (Photo by Robert Hradil/Getty Images for SportAccord

/Photo by Robert Hradil/Getty Images for SportAccord/

Thomsa Bach - IOC PresidentI took part of IF’s Forum 2018 in Lausanne like IUKL representative. After opening ceremony I had short meeting with Mr. Thomas Bach – International Olympic committee President. This time I had a little gift for him – the badge with logotype of our kettlebell federation and I showed him video from the last World Champioship in Latvia.
Forum was 3 days long. Main topics of the forum were: blockchain technology for money transfer and cryptocurrency; 5G in live sports broadcasting; event\ticketing pricing ect…
IUKL has Observer status in GAISF at the moment. Our goal – to get status of Full member. I made a little presentation for report about our work during this year (IUKL has 7 more members then the last year).
GAISF invites us to take part of the SportAccord convention 2019 in Queensland (Australia). It will be great sports event. More than 100 International sport federations will be represented there, more than 1000 other organizations and more than 100000 visitors. We are thinking witch way of participation will be better for us but we will be there any way!

Worlds 2018, new position in IUKL

World Championship 2018, Daugavpils, kettlebell sport
World kettlebell championship 2018 was held in Latvian Daugavpils. Really lot of great results!! Many professional athletes! We didn’t know who will win till the end of last minute of each flight. Five greatest absolute world records: Jerk – 176, Snatch – 225, biathlon – 288,5; ladie’s snatch – 213, ladie’s LC – 73. It was very impressive!
Also we had IUKL conference. 25 delegates from different countries were voting for the new IUKL Board. I was elected as an executive director of IUKL. I’ll be trying to work for better developing kettlebell sport around the World.

May 2018 was so interesting…

10-13 May we had European championship in Hungary. Same time there were championships among juniors and veterans.
I was judging of this awesome event. Really lot of strong athletes were competing. 24 European teams were represented there. Many thanks to main organizer László Barcsik.
In a few days after Europaens we had final of Russian Nationals. I competed there and achieved only 5th place. But I had only 4 repetitions less then 3rd place. So I have to train little more ))) My results: 86 jerks and 123 snatches.
Now I’m planning to go to the first IUKL Asia Championship in Korea. We will have a special training seminar before this competition.

Coefficients for kettlebells of different weight

Lot of people asked me about coefficients for kettlebells of different weight. We need them for little local competition where all participants have different weight of kettlebells. I would like to public my table of coefficients which we use on our regional competitions in Rybinsk.

Table of points for each repetition with kettlebells of different weight:

Weight of kettlebell
8 кг.
10 кг. 1,3
12 кг.


14 кг. 2,8
16 кг. 4,5
18 кг. 6
20 кг. 8
22 кг. 9
24 кг. 11
26 кг. 13
28 кг. 15
30 кг. 18
32 кг. 22

Indian kettlebell lifting federation

Indian kettlebell lifting federation, 2018
I just finished my 3 days trip to New Delhi – capital of India. Vipin Kumar President of KLFI (Kettlebell Lifting Federation of India) invited me. The first day we had judges seminar, we had lot of talking about competition rules. The second day we had the first Indian National Championship. I was the head judge of this comp. I didn’t know so many Indian athletes before..
And the last day we had training workshop. We were working on technique of jerk, snatch and long cycle. Guys plan to take part of the first IUKL Asian championship in South Korea end of June 2018.

Semifinal of Russian championship

Semifinal of Russian championship 2018
We just finished semifinal of Russian kettlebell championship in Novovoronezh city. I was competing and won second place with result 90 jerks and 126 snatches. My next competition – Russian championship – end of May, Saint Petersburg.

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