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Kettlebell workshop in Yaroslavl

29th October I had my first girevoy sport seminar in my native region – in Yaroslavl city (I live in Rybinsk – 80 km from Yaroslavl). It was very simple workshop for beginners. All participants never trained with kettlebells before. We tried classic kettlebell exercises (jerk, snatch and long cycle), assistant exercises with kettlebells and cirle training. During training we had a lot of talking about girevoy sport: athletes, coaches, competitions training methods ect.
Welcome to our big kettlebell family!
Girevoy sport workshop in Yaroslavl

Korean trip…

I had Korean trip again. This time I had more activities. The first task was seminar with girevoy sport beginners and training with Korean team for WC 2017. Korean team getting bigger and stronger every year.
IUKL vice-President Igor Solodov came to Seoul 3 days later then me. We with KFKL guys had meeting with TAFISA President – Mr. Ju Ho Chang. We had talking about World Championship 2017 (he will come to opening ceremony), about 25th TAFISA World Congress and about European Games. It was really interesting and useful meeting.
After that we were watching the competition venue for WC 2017 in Seoul Olympic Park, new special kettlebells for WC and new score boards.
BTW As you remember we were in Lausanna for SportAccord membership workshop. And I just received information that IUKL became member of GAISF. Congratulates to all kettlebell lifters!