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SportAccord membership workshop 2017

Jenny Mann (IOC)SportAccordSportAccord membership workshop was held in Lausanne (Switzerland). We (me and IUKL vice-President Igor Solodov) took part of this event. We got a lot of useful information from them.
Personal meetings with sport federations were the second day of this workshop. We introduced them kettlebell sport, showed our presentation and told about all aspects of the work of IUKL.
International Olympic Committee representatives were there too. They like our sport and our meeting was very friendly.
I hope they will make a decision about IUKL membership very soon. It will be biggest step of the long way to Olympics!
*Left picture – me and Jenny Mann – head of sport partnership at International Olympic Committee.
International Olympic Committee, Lausanne

New medals 2017

I didn’t post anything here for a long time. I was worry they lost my posts for last two years…
I had a few events for the last 3 months. Two my students won silver medals of junior’s Russian championships. Then one of them – Nikolay Filippov – won first place of European junior’s championship in Daugavpils. I competed last month too. I won silver medal of semi-final of Russian Nationals. Final competitions will be 9-112 June in Tomsk city.
Also we have a lot of work around preparations for Worlds 2017 in Seoul. Regulations already was made. We awaiting for application forms from participants. We plan more then 40 countries will come to Seoul this year! Competitions will be hosted in Seoul Olympic Park!