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Russian Kettlebell Cup 2016

Russian Kettlebell cup 2016
Today (24th September) I competed on Russian Cup of Girevoy sport. I was in Alushta city of Russian autonomous Republic of Crimea. I achieved second place and silver medal. My numbers were 90 jerks (I used only 9 min 30 sec) and 127 snatches. I still have not bad result but I think it’s time to increase my numbers))) (I hope I’ll do it the next year).

Also two my students won bronze medals. It was good achievment for me too).
You can watch my shatch set here:

aaaaaa…. they lost lot of my posts….

They on hosting server lost my posts from June 2014 till September 2016 🙁 I’m really sad…
I still have pictures from all posts, I’ll add them here later…