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My new personal best in snatch

Today we had local competition and I achieved my personal best in snatch with 32 kg kettlebell. It’s 63 reps per left side and 61 reps per right side (my body weight is still 63 kg). I hope to repeat this result (or maybe increase my numbers πŸ™‚ ) the next time.
We have semi final of Russian championship in 2 weeks – April 12-15 in Saint Petersburg.

RGSF seminar in Worms (Germany) – March, 2012

RGSF seminar in Worms (Germany) 2012, Valentin Egorov
March 3-5 I hold three days girevoy sport seminar in Germany. This time it was in Worms, in Wormser Kettlebell Club. It was RGSF seminar. There were 5 participants. All of them liked our short camp.

We discussed conditions of summer kettlebell camp with Aleksej Dornhof. We will held it in Worms June 18-24, 2012. Welcome πŸ˜‰