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RGSF seminar in Moscow

We planned greatest seminar of 2011. We’ll do it in Moscow, December 1-4. It will be course with certification. There will be FIVE instructors(!):
Anton Anasenko,
Valentin Egorov,
Igor Morozov,
Kseniya Dedyukhina,
Vladimir Tikhonov.

Seminar schedule:
– learning of classic exercises technique,
– assistants exercises,
– basics of juggling,
– demonstrative performances with Russian MSMCs,
– practice of teaching,
– hard training,
– excursion to the Red Square.

Extra conditions:
1. Professor Vladimir Tihonov will conduct a scientific research with each seminar participant and provide appropriate recommendations, which will significantly improve athletic performance.
2. Individually training plan for every partisipant (for 1 month)
3. Partisipating in russian competition – all-russian tournament in Obninsk (near 100 km from Moscow)!!! It will be best experience!!

and any more good things:
1. validity of the certificate is 3 years (usually it’s only 2 years).
2. Discount 25% for another RGSF seminars during the next year.
Contact us to register and pay.