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Running in Kettlebell Training

The running is needed for endurance training of kettlebell lifters. It’s hard to achieve good results without running. I distinguish 3 main groups of running:
1. Running for the common endurance. It is running about 10 km. Not fast.
2. Running for specialized endurance. This is a distance of 3-4 km with a maximum pace. Quickly as possible.
3. Recovery run. Jogging 20-30 minutes.
In my opinion the best in the preparation for a competition period would be the inclusion of running in training by such scheme: running type 1 and 2 only once a week and recovery run (type 3) every day after training with kettlebells.

I’m Second on Russian Kettlebell Championship

valentin-egorovLast week in Belgorod was held final of Russian Championship.
We first tried the new weight classes: 63, 68, 73, 78, 85, 95, 105 and more then 105 kg. Also we tried new standard kettlebells. I really like its.
I was second after Jonny Benidze. I did jerk 81 and snatch 51+46. Total in biathlon is 129,5. It’s two points better then last time (on semi-final).