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Any Words About Kettlebell Lifting in Italy

kettlebell lifting in italyGirevoy sport in Italy is developing very fast. Any years Italian team participate in the World Championships, held an International Federation of Girevoy Sport (IFGS).
Already there were two Italian Championship on kettlebell lifting sport – one in the classic biathlon and one in the long cycle.
The strongest Italian athlete and organizer of most events, president of Italy kettlebell lifting federation – Oleh Ilika.
Each year the results of the Italian national team grow. For example, Mattia Amodio won second place in the junior weight category over 90 kg. on World Championship of IFGS. His result was 93 for jerk and 144 for snatch.
Italian KB federation have own website:

USA’s First Woman Master of Sport in Long Cycle

Coach Mayachela Garica, CMS / Jessica DiBiase, MS / Coach Steven Khuong
Ice Chamber Kettlebell Team On Saturday, November 7, 2009, the 1st American Female Master of Sport in the Long Cycle was crowned. Jessica DiBiase (USA) went 10 minutes against Svetlana Krechik (Ukraine) at the American Kettlebell Club Classic in Las Vegas.

At the end of the set Jessica scored 57/57 (60kg class) while Svetlana scored 61/61(65kg class), both earning the title Master of Sport. Jessica became the first American woman while Svetlana became the first Ukrainian woman to earn the distinguished title within the World Kettlebell Club Rankings in Long Cycle (20kg kettlebell).

Jessica DiBiase is a core member of the Ice Chamber Kettlebell Girls (, coached by Mayachela Garcia and Steven Khuong. The Ice Chamber team has produced the most Candidates for Master of Sport in the United States to date.

Photo: Coach Mayachela Garica, CMS / Jessica DiBiase, MS / Coach Steven Khuong (Ice Chamber Kettlebell Team)

World Championship of Kettlebell Lifting

world championship of kettlebell lifting tallin 2009

This weekend in Tallin (Estonia) was World Kettlebell lifting Championship of IUKL. There was 10 commands of different countries. The competition was among professionals (men with 32 kg, women with 24 kg) and amateurs (men with 24 kg, women with 16 kg). Athletes competed in biathlon and in long cycle. Women in snatch only.

One of great results were results of Jonny Benidze. He jerked 114 times and snatched 176 tumes!! His weight category is 63 kg.
Another outstanding result was the result of Anastasia Zolotaryova. She snatched 24 kg 155 times!

Then was the kettlebell relay. Five athletes have jerked three minutes. The best result was a team of Russia – 300 reps.