В Україні тільки МФО видають позику у вихідний день на картку. Ще можна піти в ломбард, але там потрібно заставне майна.

В інтернеті сьогодні можна легко взяти онлайн кредит 3 000 грн на картку одного з українських банків. Фото прикріплювати не обов'язково.

В інтернеті багато компаній пропонують онлайн кредит 9 000 грн з мінімальними перевірками. Іноді менеджер може зателефонувати працювати.

Наявність роботи та офіційного джерела доходу для МФО, яка готова видати онлайн кредит 8 000 грн не є обов'язковою.

Якщо вам потрібні корпоративні курси англійської тоді звертайтесь до однієї з компаній, які надають такі послуги в Україні.

Archive for October, 2009

Me With My Friends

russian kettlebell lifters Valentin Egorov, Ivan Denisov, Djonny BenidzeThat’s me with my friends – two great kettlebell liftersIvan Denisov and Jonny Benidze. This photo was made on Russian Cup – 2009.

New York City’s First Annual National Long Cycle Championship of Kettlebell Lifting

ironworks-feIronWorks Fe held New York City’s First Annual National Long Cycle Championship of kettlebell lifting. The event was open for new lifters and pro’s and was an opportunity for everyone to come together under one roof to grab the experience and knowledge from each other and share in what they know. The camaraderie amongst the crowd and lifters was like bringing together long lost friends and having a celebration. There was Andrew Durniat from Ohio and John Wild Buckley that made an appearance to do “feats of strength” and some very special friends that traveled all the way from Sweden to participate, Patric Westerlund and Tobias Holm. The crowd went wild when John rolled Christine Silverstein up into a ball and snatched her like a kettlebell up in the air and then did the windmill. Andrew impressed the crowd with his 2-arm 32kg bell long cycle set.

The event started with an opening of school dancers who got up on stage and did an African style dance, intermission consisted of a very luxurious catered lunch with gourmet sandwiches, 5 different salads, side dishes and dessert.

There was some of the finest judges to be part of our event. Master Coach, Bao Tran from New York City and Master Coach and Master of Sport, Ashley Hughes from Long Island, New York and Certified Kettlebell Trainer, Robert Klein from Long Island New York.

The event was a 10 minute Long Cycle Set for women and 1 arm and/or 2 arm long cycle set for men. At the end of the flights, was held a Team Relay that consisted of 3 members to a team, the event was straight up jerk, unlimited hand switch, for 3 min. each member. Total number of reps per team was the winner.

There was an amazing awards ceremony. Every lifter made comments that IronWorks Fe event was the best event they have attended thus far, stating it was professionally set up, professionally run and well organized. Maybe at IronWorks will be able to do many more events in the future.

Thanks to Christine Silverstein for information.

Fundamental of Kettlebell lifting

“Soviet sport” published first manual of kettlebell lifting lifting named “Fundamental of Kettlebell lifting“. Main editor is Vladimir Tikhonov Ph.D.
This book involves the history of Russian girevoy sport, the outstanding problems in this sport. There are a lot of information about biomechanics of motor action and respiration. On the cover of this book shows the strongest athlete of our planet Denisov Ivan.
Reviewers are:
– Dean of the Faculty of Physical Culture of the Chuvash State Pedagogical University, Ph.D, professor Pyanzin Andrey;
– President of Federation of Russia kettlebell lifting (VFGS), Chairman of the executive of International Union of kettlebell lifting (IUKL) Solodov Igor.

Great Russian Athlet Jonny Benidze

Djonni Benidze, kettlebell lifting

Jonny Benidze – World-class athlete. He was born in 1990. He is one of the strongest kettlebell lifter Russia. He is recordsman in jerk, snatch and and biathlon in a weight category up to 60 kilograms.
Johnny started kettlebell lifting in his hometown Vytegra (in Vologda region). His first coach was Ogarev Vyacheslav.
Jonny Benidze showed great potential for kettlebell lifting sessions. He is quickly became a team of the Vologda region. In 16 years, Jonny performed the Master of Sport, 17 – master of sports of world class. Since 2008, he became the absolute leader in the weight category up to 60 kilograms.
In 2008, Jonny Benidze moved to St. Petersburg. His new coach Sergey Kirillov.
At the Russian Cup 2009 Johnny Benidze set three new records in Russia. In the weight category up to 60 kilograms his result was: jerk 110, snatch – 164 (left + right hand), biathlon – 192 (jerk + snatch/2).

Russia Cup of Kettlebell Lifting

Russia Cup of Kettlebell LiftingLast weekend in Rostov-na-Donu was the Russian Cup of kettlebell lifting. There was more then 150 participants from 37 regions. At the opening event attended a Soviet athlete, the legend of the world of weightlifting – Vasily Alexeyev.
The first day was any great results among women in w.c. 60 kg. Ksenia Dedyukhina shows best result – 120 reps (with 24 kg). It’s new Russian record. Next results was 116, 115 and 110 reps (Lidia Sidorova, Lyudmila Nuzhnykh and Elena Yurysheva).
On the same day, the men competed in the long cycle.
The second and third day, the men competed in the classic biathlon. Johnny Benidze shows SUPER result in w.c. 60 kg. He did jerk 110 reps and snatch 164 reps!!! In biathlon hi had 192 points (jerk + snatch/2)! Old Russian record was 182 points.
Best team was Krasnodar team.
Next competition for Russian team – World Championship, which will be held in November in Tallinn (Estonia).
I’ll write about any great athletes later.

Open Latter Of Internalional Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL)

In connection with the introduction of the International union of kettlebell lifting (IUKL) in the European Sports Committee and application for the introduction into the International association of non-Olympic kinds of sports “TAFISA” at the last open conference of IUKL the following decision was accepted:

1. To address to federations, associations, the unions, to the representatives of the countries cultivating the kettlebell lifting who are not members of IUKL – to consider at proxy meetings of the organisations a question about the introduction in members of IUKL.

2. To the representatives of the countries cultivating the kettlebell lifting and being members of IUKL to send statements in Presidium of the International Girya Sports Federation (IGSF) on the introduction in members of the given organisation.

3. To suggest the IGSF to enter in members of the IUKL according to its charter, as to an active International Member.

4. On the basis of that members of IGSF and IUKL are the same countries to call joint conference of the given organisations for the decision and development of the joint concept of popularisation and development of kettlebell lifting on the international area, acceptances of a uniform competitions shedule and development of uniform rules.

For today the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting creates all preconditions for a recognition the kettlebell lifting by the International Olympic committee, participates in work of the recognised international sports organisations, such as the European Sports Committee, the International association of not Olympic kinds of sports “TAFISA“, World antidoping association “VADA“.

The organisations and the representatives of the countries who have supported given offers:

1. All-Russian Federation of Kettlebell Lifting, President I.Solodov
2. Latvian Kettlebell Lifting Association, Chairman of board R.Innus
3. Lithuanian Kettlebell Lifting Federation, President G.Vilniskis
4. Commettee of kettlebell lifting in Estonian pauerlifting federation, Chairman J.Kuusk
5. British Kettlebell Lifting Federation, President N.Rossiak
6. Association “Girevoy Sport Australia”, President P.Tacker
7. Finish Kettlebell Association, President A.Katajainen
8. All-Ireland Kettlebell Lifting Federation, President J.Kelly
9. Association “Girevoy Sport France”, President J.Jaumain
10. Kettlebell lifting club “VIVON”, Greese, President P.Filikidi
11. Germany Kettlebell Lifting Federation, President M.Balogh
12. Federation of kettlebell lifting of Republic of Kazakhstan, Chairman V.Geller
13. Federation of kettlebell lifting of Republic of Belarus, Chairman V.Frolov
14. The representative of kettlebell lifting of Republic of Moldova – A.Nikifor
15. The representative of kettlebell lifting of Republic of Belarus – S.Mackevich
16. The representative of kettlebell lifting of Republic of Kazakhstan – S.Karpenko
17. The representative of kettlebell lifting of Norway – Ch.Velle
18. The representative of kettlebell lifting of Sweden – M.Thylefors
19. The representative of kettlebell lifting of Danmark – T.Sanches
20. The representative of kettlebell lifting of Ukrain – T.Fugleva

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