Competitions of Spring-2021

Finally we could compete at all competitions during this spring. A few words about all of them:
Semifinal of Russian Nationals. It was in Pskov city. Two my students were competing there. They both still not so strong but they achieved a rank Master of sport.
Asian kettlebell Championship in Tashkent. It’s only 3rd asian championship in a kettlebelle sport history. This time we finally had more participants – there were about 150 athletes. It was an honor to be a head judge of this championship.
European kettlebell championship. Kazan was the host city. It was really fantastic competition. Kazan – the sports capital of Russia. Tha competition was very beautiful and conditions for athletes were really perfect! And ofcourse it was an honor for me to be a head judge again!
World championship among kids. It was the first WORLD competitions for U-16 and U-18. The competition was held in Lithuanian Kaunas. So many peoplecame there…
The main competition 2021 – THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP will be in Budapest (Hungary). I hope to see all our kettlebell fans!

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